Welcome to Darkmoon Vale!

In the hinterlands of proudly democratic Andoran, far from the hustle and bustle of the great cities and societies of Golarion, lie the high plains south of the towering Five Kings Mountains. Darkmoon Vale is in the midst of this plateau between the ancient fey-touched Darkmoon Wood and Arthfell Forest (long ago a single forest known as the Old Margreve). These natural barriers help to shield the area from much outside traffic and hence the broader politics of the region and help to keep it relatively insular. The conflicts between Andoran and its neighbor, Asmodean-run Cheliax, are distant concerns if they are considered at all for most in this region.

The Vale is dominated by the the Lumber Consortium who have strong political control of Oldfen and huge political sway in the regional capital of Oregent a week’s ride to the south of the Vale where the Consortium is headquartered. They basically own Falcon’s Hollow outright and their influence on the development of the region cannot be overstated.

Lately a burgeoning industry catering to adventurers venturing to the peaks of the Five Kings Mountains to stand atop the world has been growing, though that has been mostly in Oldfen. Falcon’s Hollow reputation as a place a little too rough and tumble, even for adventuring types, has kept most tourists and travelers away.

Falcon’s Hollow maintains its population because of its other reputation as a place for well-paid, but dangerous work in the timber industry where they don’t ask many questions. This draws a small but steady stream of desperadoes, crusaders burnt out from the Worldwound, those on the lam, religious refugees of varying faiths and itinerant workers who just can’t catch a break looking for their next new beginning. Workers come and go frequently, though seemingly not always willingly, and just as many die in accidents, by frontier justice or at the hands/claws/teeth of the many dangerous denizens of the Vale.

This region is largely untamed and the lines of demarcation between civilized and savage are not always clear. In addition to the Lumber Consortium and local free farmers, the area is known to be populated by wild beasts of many types, conflicting factions of druids, lycanthropes and of course fey aplenty in the remaining woodlands. Dwarven ruins laid to waste a century ago in a great eruption in the Five Kings Mountains are much plundered, but surely not everything has been looted. Especially as some, like Droskar’s Crucible within Darkmoon Wood, are reputed to be occupied, though by what, it is not clear. What adventures await you in this land of natural extremes where the struggle between civilization and natural forces is at the fore?

Dorkmoon Vale

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