Catfolk sorcerer


Zithembe served as assistant to the Exchequer in Murraseth, in southern Garund. He became smitten with Esru, daughter of a member of the Council of Elect, and far above his station. Forbidden to be with her, he lashed out during a council meeting, triggering his latent sorcerer talents. He then followed catfolk tradition in leaving Murraseth to travel Golarion.

He made his way to Almas, in Andoran. Now a devotee of Naderi, he contemplated drowning himself, but a wayward knight and his own disinclination to get wet kept him from doing so. He has since accompanied the knight on his travels to Falcon’s Hollow, hoping to gain enough wealth and prestige to buy his way onto the Council of Elect in Murraseth and win Esru’s paw in the future.


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